Bananas pancakes for better morning!

There are days that sucks. It’s so simply to say this, but it’s so hard to live with it.
Sometimes you just wake up and you don’t even feel like existing. I got it. But most of this time, we all just have to kick our ass out of bed and go to work, meeting, or do something …

So … this is perfect recipe how to make your morning better by really simple way. Plus, good food is always good idea!

Here it is:

You’ll need:
1 banana
1 egg
2-3 spoons of oatmeal
1/2 spoon of chia seeds
½ spoon of sunflower seeds
Greek yogurt
raspberries /strawberries
coconut oil (or any kind of oil, but the coconut fit it the best)


Start with mashing a banana. Then put it to the bowl and mix it together with egg, oatmeal and seeds.
Prepare a frying pan, and when an oil is melt split up the mixture there as big as you like to (my recommendation is to not make it rather smaller) and let it cook.
When it’s ready serve pancakes with Greek yogurt and berries. And if you really need even more sweetness in your day, add some honey.


Bon apetit, and I wish you beautiful and sweet day 🙂