5 tips where to eat in Amsterdam

Where to eat in Amsterdam

Imagine situation, standing somewhere in Amsterdam, hungry, no idea, where to go for breakfast …

That is exactly what happened to me, after I haven’t eat since lunch the day before, when I woke up first day in Amsterdam.
So, what I did was pretty simple. I started walking and looking around me. And I have to admit, I have found pretty amazing places with pretty delicious food!

And today I decided to share my 5 tips where to eat in Amsterdam with you 🙂


Dignita Amsterdam

I definitely recommended to go there if you’re in Amsterdam in autumn. You know I mean those beautiful sunny autumn day when it’s still good weather snd you can sit outside and just be amazed by the colorful beauty around you. I know, I know, if you’r hungry, who actually cares about pretty autumn leaves around you?! But I promise you, food is as good as the view!
I couldn’t be happier when I was leaving to explore beauty of Amsterdam.


Whole space look so beautiful and cozy. I choosed just egg omelette but their menu was full of interesting sweet shakes which looked so worth to try.

The Breakfast Club

When I was in Amsterdam I had to visit The Breakfast Club more than once. I have tried pancakes (best pancakes in my life!), „breakfast burger“ (and I have to say, I was surprise! Because normally I!m not much burger person) and Mexican breakfast and I can’t complain at all! It was all sooo delicious. I visited The Breakfast Club at two places and in both cases, I definitely didn’t regret my choice to eat there.


I had breakfast in Benji’s last day in Amsterdam, coz it was on my way to airport, but if I would be staying there longer, I would definitely go there again!
No burgers and jung food, but amazing Acai bowl. So if you are „bali food type person“ don’t miss it. Food was fresh and very tasty and the interior was so beautiful and full of nature, even if it’s in city.

Café Winkel 43

I’m not gonna lie if I say, I have eaten there the BEST APPLE PIE in my life! Even if I got chance to sit there on my second visit, I was so glad I came back here.